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Notes for PSI application


    1. Applicant should submit the application through PSI system 3 or 5 days before loading, and get an application Number.

   When filling the application form online, please note:

    2. “ESTIMATE INSPECTION DATE” should not be early than application date.

    3. The applied quantity of containers should be the same with the actual situation.

    4. Please provide a full address of inspection site.

    5. The site of inspection should correspond to the authorized zone.(Detail)

    After submitting the application online, please contact us by e-mail as soon as possible, and provide your application No. and photos of cargo. We will process your request within 48 hours and inform you the subsequent process. If your application is not accepted in 2 days please contact us to confirm.

    Note: The applicant must receive our approval before you load the cargo.


    Thank you for your cooperation!


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