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Recycling Materials Pre-Shipment Inspection

    According to the regulations under the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Import & Export Commodity Inspection, the AQSIQ has decided to authorize certain inspection companies to carry out pre-shipment inspection of recycling materials overseas, with the attempt to reinforce the management and supervision of imported recycling materials, protect the environment and people’s health. CCIC SPAIN is one of the authorized companies, and carries out relevant inspection in Europe (Spain and Portugal etc.).


Working procedures

Login PSI system and submit the application(1)
(by applicants)

Accept application and arrange inspection(2)

Spot inspection(3)

Submit inspection report(4)

Inspection report verify(5)

Draft certificate(6)

Certificate verify(7)

Issue certificate(8)

Send invoice (9)

Certificate distribution(10)
Main classification of Recycling Materials

Recovered Paper
Recovered Kraft Paper, corrugated Paper or Paperboard
Recovered Bleached Papers
Recovered newspapers, journals or similar printed matter
Other or unsorted waste Papers

Plastic Scrap
Plastic scrap of PET
Plastic scrap of PE
Plastic scrap of PS
Plastic scrap of PVC
Other plastic scrap
Crushed plastic light disk

Ferrous Scrap
Waste and scrap of cast iron
Waste and scrap of stainless steel
Waste and scrap of other alloy steel
Waste and scrap of tinned iron and steel
Waste and scrap from mechanical process
Other iron and steel waste and scrap
Remelting scrap ingots

Mixed Metal Scrap
Compressed piece of scrap automobile
Mixed metal scraps main for iron recovery
Mixed metal scraps of motor,wire & cable and others main for copper recovery
Mixed metal scraps of wire & cable and others main for aluminum recovery

Nonferrous Scrap
Waste and scrap of gold
Waste of metal clad with gold
Waste of platinum or metal clad with platinum
Copper waste and scrap
Nickel waste and scrap
Aluminum waste and scrap
Zink waste and scrap
Tin waste and scrap
Tungsten waste and scrap
Tantalum waste and scrap
Magnesium waste and scrap
Bismuth waste and scrap
Titanium waste and scrap
Zirconium waste and scrap
Germanium waste and scrap
Vanadium waste and scrap
Niobium waste and scrap
Hafnium waste and scrap
Gallium or rhenium waste and scrap
Tungsten carbide waste and scrap

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